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Like a lot of men, we have at some point struggled with skin issues like razor bumps, acne & breakouts, discolouration, or dryness.

We each had frustrating experiences not only trying to find products that would meet our needs and worked for our skin but equally, we were fed up with being underserved and misunderstood by big brands!

This is why we built Temple—for ourselves, and for you. With the help of experts, we’ve taken our passion and developed personal care products for men of colour everywhere!

Your body is your temple and the system we’ve created is a whole-body experience. 

Starting with skincare and health supplements, the system helps your skin look its best, and in the case of your body; feel & perform even better! 

With everything we do at Temple, we promise you two things:

No B.S: We choose the best possible ingredients. Our products are natural, never tested on animals, free-of harmful components (Parabens, Sulfates, Silicon), and are specifically formulated with men of colour in mind.

Fair prices: By selling our products directly to you, exclusively from our website, we’ve removed middle-men and costs, such as running a store that helps us offer you high-quality products that work, without the expensive prices.

Everything we do going forward, we’ll do with those promises in mind.

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Aaran Falconer

I saw these guys promote their product on the dragons den and I love their enthusiasm I wanted to learn more so as I am doing a business management assignment I chose to do it on TMPL skincare as I wanted to know what they were all about

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