Temple has become TMPL

Allow us to reintroduce ourselves… 


Today is an exciting day because we move away from being Temple and become TMPL. Our mission is still the same; we’re here to help every man of colour look feel and perform as the most elite version of himself, every single day. 

For too long the beauty and grooming industry has ignored the needs and concerns of black, brown and mixed-race men and our community deserves better. Every day with your help, we’re taking steps towards fixing that.

As TMPL we will continue to build a global community; and double-down on becoming a leading voice in normalising the conversation around men's self-care and wellness (both physical and mental).

Temple is now TMPL

For our customers, not too much will change. You can still shop our exact same product range you’ve grown to make a staple in your routines and expect the same great results for your skin. What has changed though is our website URL, it’s now tmpl.care 

In the coming days you will notice jointemple.com will redirect to tmpl.care and our social handles will change.


We redesigned our logo, our wordmark is now bolder and we’re moving towards a more visually striking aesthetic while still maintaining the essence of why you rocked with us in the first place. Let us know what you think?

Our product labels and secondary packaging have been given a slight refresh but the core experience of using all TMPL products remains the same.

We’re humbled to support 1000’s of men in their self-care journey, helping them to form sustainable daily self-care routines with safe and effective products that actually work. We can’t wait to reveal more of what we’ve been working on but until then….

As always, Stay Blessed King!

Adam & Raph

Co-founders of TMPL

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