Temple: Ingredients black men should avoid in their skincare routines

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You pick up some hair care or skin care product, you look at the back of the product to see the ingredient list and you don’t know what you’re looking at... in fact, you can’t even pronounce what you’re looking at - so how do you know what's harmful and what isn't?

When we were starting Temple, it was (and still is) important that we use the best performing and highest quality ingredients that we can in serving our audience.

Transparency is one of our core values -- and it’s the reason why we strive to only use natural ingredients in our products where possible, so you can know exactly what you’re putting on your skin and into your body.

Just as important as it is, to know what you are putting on your skin, you should know what not to put on your skin.

Our products are free of sulfates, parabens, and are cruelty-free but what do all “Free-of” claims actually mean?  

For starters, it means we’re staying away from known or controversial ingredients that have the potential to do harm. We’ve worked with experts to formulate skincare products and health supplements for men of color that have the right blend of ‘clean’ ingredients and ingredients that actually work. 

In keeping with our values, here’s a breakdown of the things you should know:

Vegan and Animal-Free. 100% vegan means a product does not contain any animal or animal-derived ingredients. This would include honey, beeswax, lanolin, cholesterol, gelatin, and many others. It’s good to note that “vegan” describes the ingredients, rather than the production process, so vegan products can still be tested on animals. (Something we will never do).

Cruelty-free.  Cruelty-free means a product and its ingredients weren't tested on animals. 

Parabens are a group of chemical preservatives used in many cosmetics to keep them fresh and germ-free (look out for methyl-, butyl, and propyl-paraben on the ingredient list). They’re a cause for concern because they've been known to disrupt hormones, and have been linked to health issues, i.e. breast cancer. 

Sulfates are detergents or “surfactants” used as cleansing agents to remove dirt and oil and are the same things you’ll find in laundry soap, shampoo even toothpaste. They are what create that “foaming action” you’ll notice doesn’t happen when you use our cleanser. As you can imagine, sulfates can be a bit harsh on the skin and can lead to causing dryness and irritation in the skin.   

At Temple, we’re always learning about new ingredients, their benefits, and how we can better serve men of color with our products - so stay tuned.

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Guys, Well done in taking the step’s to bring to market these products long overdue in this industry. To my surprise there is any other products that could be attached to the range..
but I am sure you there will be many suggestions as you progress..

Could you also send me some details on investing into the company. I am about to try the Starter Pack and have made a note to document my progress ..


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